Car Rental Insurance: 3 Things Each Traveler Should Know

Traveling by car is the choice of many travelers, especially if it comes to the USA. Indeed, in case you like driving vehicles, car rental will be the best solution for exploring the country or a certain area. Moreover, now it’s quite simple to organize it – you can book a car from Enterprise at the airport in any place you need without getting up from the sofa, and choose the best offer among different companies.

However, even now, when the service has become as friendly as possible for the customer, you should pay attention to some issues in order not to spoil your holiday. The most important of these issues is, of course, insurance.  So in this article we will tell you about 3 things each car rental customer ought to know before booking. And don’t forget to check out the quik description of different types of covering and their pros and cons in our next piece!

What types of insurance are available?

Car rental deals in the United States can both include optional insurance, and assume its separate purchasing. The main types of insurance are:

  • DW – Damage Waiver. This is not a really insurance – it’s an option that allows you to transfer all the risks of theft and damage to the rental office. Without it, you will have to pay a great sum if the car is seriously damaged, even if it’s not your fault. The cost depends on the class of car.
  • SLP – Supplemental Liability Protection. It involves third party liability insurance. If you are the cause of the accident, this insurance will cover the damage. Without it, you will be charged a lot.

Car insurance policy

What are other options of insurance in the USA?

  • UMP (Uninsured Motorist Protection) or UMC (Uninsured Motorist Coverage) most often used as a supplement to SLP. If the driver’s insurance for the accident is not enough to cover your damage, this type of insurance comes into action.
  • PAI – Personal Accident Insurance (or PPP – Personal Plan Protection) – medical accident insurance. It usually costs up to $10 per day. If your life and health are already insured then you do not need this type of insurance.
  • Roadside Assistance Protection – implies assistance on the road in the event of any technical problems.

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Why do you need to purchase a car insurance?

Getting an insurance for your car  is not only the legal requirement, but more importantly it gives you a financial protection if accidents happen. Choosing the ultimate level of  covering gives the compensation not only for a driver but also his  passengers or even the  pedestrians. Moreover it is against the law to drive without car insurance. You can be fined If you don’t have it, or even get your license away.

The maximum cost of  fine is unlimited, and  you’ll receive six to eight penalty points to your licence.

Also, what you need to know is that USA Government, for instance,  is currently reviewing a possibility of increasing of penalties for uninsured drivers who kill or are involved in accidents.